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Mountain Helicopter Tours

With our fun, adventuresome, and dynamic helicopter tour packages, you can experience a journey of a lifetime with the amazing aerial view of the Nepalese topography varying from plain lands, hills, and mountains. Our commercial charter services include helicopter tours, mountain flights, aerial sightseeing, pilgrimage tours, helicopter skiing, helicopter biking, helicopter trekking, aerial filming & photography, and customized special charters. We provide helicopter charter services such as transfers, pick-ups, and drop-offs as per the clients' requests.


Sight-seeing/Mountain tours can be easily be arranged for those who are physically constrained or do not have the time to go on a foot-trek. Helicopter tours allow to shorten the length of a trek and the best part is that they can be taken to any destination, as the aircraft wouldn’t demand a large space to land. For trans-border flights to India and Bhutan, we would require you to make bookings as early as possible with an initial down payment which would help us to make necessary preparations and requests to fly from the Civil Aviation Authorities of both countries.

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We can set up almost any flight you have in mind. If there’s something special you want to do, let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

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