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About Us

Heli Everest is a Private Limited Company that started its commercial operation on the 9th of December, 2016 under the Air Operators Certificate issued by the government of Nepal. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs with decades of experience in mountain tourism and aviation in Nepal, we collaboratively bring a new height to the aviation industry with the best, highest quality chopper while practicing proper safety measures.

Our company is determined to provide exemplary service to our valued clients by employing experienced high altitude pilots, and the most reliable engineering & safety team. Our company is currently operating units of AIRBUS Helicopters (AS 350 B3e/ HI25), with its base in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our Mission

Our company has crafted the following mission statements based on the rules and regulations imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal:​

  • Operate effective and immediate rescue flights in every emergency and disastrous case to save lives

  • Operate as a safe and fast mode of air transport throughout the nation

  • Provide hundred percent satisfaction to each of our clients

  • Keep the company financially sustainable

  • Prepare and operate tailor-made programs for each of the clients as per their request

  • Introduce Nepal to the world by preparing new programs regularly and presenting them to the world


Our Core Values:

The following core values of Heli Everest are the pillar of the company which brings all of our employees and shareholders to work together to fulfill the vision of the company, shape the aviation business culture and define the company we are looking for ahead.

Customer Service

Every investment and decision we make has our customers in mind, and we ensure they are carefully curated to make the satisfaction of our customers paramount. 

Team Work

Most fundamentally, employees are the core of our business. We focus on teamwork as it is the foundation of our company to increase efficiency and morale, which helps us achieve our goals and objectives together.


We believe in reliability and accountability in order to provide honest service to each of our clients. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. 


We hire the best professionals in the aviation industry and carefully deliver the best quality services. We hierarchize safe culture as our top priority to run a safe and sound company for the long run.


We recognize and encourage our team members to be innovative so that we can approach all aspects of our business by bringing new ideas to uplift the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We operate in ways that enhance society and the environment by investing in community and company events. We do not just seek for profit as we always join in each of the seen and unseen social responsibilities.

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