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When it comes to running airline operations, rescue flights and medical evacuations are unequivocally essential. As a market-leading helicopter in Nepal, our H125 helicopter offers enhanced cabin space that can carry up to four people (one pilot, one patient, and two attendants) plus medical equipment when configured for vital life-saving and emergency medical transportation. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced pilots, our highly maneuverable aircraft makes the process easier. Passengers in the cabin experience low vibration levels for maximum comfort, which also makes it convenient for quick medical evacuation during the human sling operation. Well equipped with a professional medical team who values the importance of time and the necessity of air ambulance, Heli Everest offers medical evacuation and rescue services in all three regions of Nepal– Terai, Hill, and Mountain, covering both urban and rural areas.

​Rescue flights are dispatched in the shortest time once a request is made. To ensure the clients' wellbeing and health, we always keep an ambulance on standby at the drop zones so as they can be rushed to the nearest medical facility. We ensure that the best medical service is provided to every corner of Nepal by partnering with hospitals and local health centers.​ It is advised that clients register with their embassy/consulate in Kathmandu before they embark on their treks. In rare cases where there isn't any embassy/consulate representing the travelers' country or if clients are trekking on their own, one should arrange their legal documents and insurance in advance to be rescued. Please keep in mind to procure helicopter rescue insurance when purchasing your travel insurance scheme for rescue missions.

Additionally, we use the RECCO® Handheld Detector– a tool for professional rescuers to help locate buried victims; enabling professional rescuers to find victims within minutes. This technology assists in finding those trapped in the mountain landscapes, avalanches, or the crevasses via hovering the glaciers while the action team rescues with the support of a human sling. Emergency medical evacuations are used to pull out clients from any part of the country in case of any sort of emergencies or health conditions. The operation is well equipped with all the necessary facilities required to provide medical attention to the clients. We then fly patients to any of the best hospitals in the nations that are very well equipped to provide the best medical attention to clients. We won’t hesitate to take you to a hospital of your own choosing as well.

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